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PETITE FASHIONISTA (June 22, 2008) - Page 4

Petite Fashionista Fashion Show 2008

In the end of the day, I would sum up the event as a great success. There were lots of attendees and what made this event truly unique is the various programs throughout the whole day that continued to sparkle interest to stay till the end. The event was very well organized and executed with professionalism. Congratulations Christa-Jean for an awesome event that even I enjoyed and stayed much longer than I anticipated.

Special thanks go to: Hayden Panettiere, Lesley Panettiere, Keshia Chante, Tessa Chante, Mike Realba, Cheryl MacLellan, Robert MacLellan, Jennifer MacLellan, Delanie Champagene, Jean Allen, Tiffany Mullin, Naomi Blackman, Courtney Underwood, Juliana Corona, Leanne Grechulk, Denise Vaughan, Elizabeth Dutra, Sharon Luck, Bonita Luck-LaMarche, Janna Holford, Anthony Taylor, Heidi Amy Kutzelnig, Allison Kam, Vania Borges, Naomi Mundy, Valery Santillana, L'Oqenz, Tamara Glick, Lindsay Dutfield, Jennifer Ettinger, Shannae Ingleton, Yvonne Kai, Tara Mykytiuk, Ali de Bold, Barb Underwood, all the models, seamstresses, volunteers, SWS members, Ladies Who Launch members and Asad, Stephanie and everyone at Proof.

Digital Pixie would like to thank Christa-Jean and Tiffany Mullin for graciously allowing us to cover this exciting and unique event that I'm sure the Toronto petite women will cherish and talk about. All the best and we hope to see you again next year for yet another retreat just for the petite in us.

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